Mini Goal Retreat - Focus on different areas of your life, doing meditation and create a plan to start making changes. Includes  goal reading.               $50

Mini Wellness Retreat - What is wellness to you? Looking at wellness though meditation and creating a wellness plan.  Wellness Reading included          $50

Meditation Classes

Female Meditation Class - Work with your ovaries, siatics, female energy, wellness energy and female healing guide                                                        $45

Mini Retreats

Retreats are half meditation and half workshop. Facebook Messenger or over the phone. Allow 2-3 hours.

Classes & Retreats

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The Healing Rose

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The HealingRose

Individual or group - Facebook Messenger or over the phone classes. Please have a journal ready for note taking. Allow 2-3 hours. Can do in one day or split up different days.

Angel Meditation Class - Learn about the different Arch Angels and do meditation with each one.  Reading on Angels included       $45

Beginning Meditation Class - Learn about creating a mediation space. Focus on breathing. Learn tools of grounding, running your energy, calling your energy back, and protecting your energy.              $45

Chakra Meditation Class -

Learn about the 7 chakras through color, sound, placement and how they effect the mind, body, and spirit.                                 $45